Identity Management

Key Facts

  • • 10,000 users across 20 countries
  • • 50% of the total workload solved by ISL Online

Setting high customer satisfaction as a core value

EasySecure International has been in the Identity Management market for more than 10 years, providing products for access control, time and attendance registration to over 10,000 users across 20 countries. Placing high customer satisfaction as one of the core values of their organisation, the company sets their standards high also in the field of customer support.

“We have tried other remote support tools from the leading market providers before, but we have found our peace with ISL Online. It’s an easy to use, no-nonsense application coming from an industry veteran which guarantees high reliability and continuous development,” explains Chester Vliegenthart, Consultant at EasySecure.

Branded remote support application

EasySecure support team is located in Rotterdam and assists customers throughout Benelux and Germany, fixing over 5000 hardware and software issues annually using ISL Online remote desktop software. Their scanners work only on LAN, thus they need to be connected within the same network. Operators connect with the client’s computer, take control of the remote desktop and troubleshoot the issue.

“We have embedded a remote support link on our website to offer our clients the possibility to join a remote desktop session from a familiar environment,” says Chester. To offer their clients the best service, EasySecure wanted to have a branded ISL Online application with their company logo included. “ISL Online has been really helpful modifying their application for us. It’s a simple customisation, but it adds a lot to a better user experience,” notes Chester.

On the other hand, EasySecure mostly uses unattended remote access to preconfigure and troubleshoot installations for their biggest customers, large retail companies with stores all over The Netherlands and in Germany.

One operator working on two remote computers simultaneously

EasySecure holds 4 ISL Online cloud licenses, which allow them to start 4 simultaneous sessions. They have also picked a multisession option, which additionally allows an operator to connect to an unlimited number of remote computers from their machine.

“We often encounter situations where we have to access both, the client’s server and their workstation PC. It is really nice to be able to start both sessions from the same computer and have both remote desktops available at the same time, one on the first screen and the other on the second,” Chester demonstrates the efficiency of the multisession option.

Mobile apps allow quick-response remote support outside of regular hours

To ensure reliable operation and quick troubleshooting for maximum availability of their scanning products, EasySecure provides qualified support to all their customers in various countries. If an operator is not at their desk, when they receive an urgent call from a client, they connect to a remote computer from their iOS or Android device. “Our operators have installed ISL Online mobile apps to their mobile devices. It works great and it allows them to offer support from everywhere, also on the go,” points out Chester.