Oil & Gas

Key Facts

  • • Regions: Colombia
  • • Employees: 1500
  • • Main request: Platform support to administrative personnel and drivers
  • • Biggest benefit: Digitalization of all the IT support in record time

Norgas (3:04)

Internal Technical Support Issues

Norgas is a group of companies specialized in offering energy solutions based on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Norgas has several brands operating at a national level in Colombia, and is part of the multinational Chilean group Abastible, which covers operations in Latin America. The company has more than 50 years of experience in providing energy solutions to industry, businesses and households in Colombia.

Norgas' Support Center provides technical assistance to all administrative staff and drivers responsible for liquefied natural gas transportation in Colombia. The support cases, as well as the informatic maintenance of the office teams were basically carried out on site. Any incident on the drivers' mobile terminals ended with the terminal being sent to the support center for revision and reconfiguration. All this resulted in inefficiency of the support processes and high operating costs.

Agile approach and team flexibility

Norgas is committed to minimizing on-site support and leaving behind the endless phone calls to technical support. That is why Norgas aims to modify its remote access systems to resolve incidents and optimize the first and second-level support processes.

According to Andrés Garzón, IT Support Analyst at Norgas, "The need for remote support tools arose with the increase in on-site support. We needed a support tool that would give us the agility and flexibility to handle support cases quickly from any location, including from home. We reviewed several software solutions and ISL Online was the most suitable one."

Another key challenge in digitizing support processes was to maintain and even improve user satisfaction with the help desk.

"Right now we have 1,500 employees in the company, consisting of drivers and administrative staff. With ISL Online, we were able to provide them all with an excellent support experience."

Meeting high standards of quality and efficiency

Nowadays, a fast and flexible support service is one of the keys to success in any business. Choosing the right solution will help you reduce travel costs and increase efficiency in all your processes. With this in mind, the Norgas company needed a software tool that would allow remote access to all of the company's systems and devices via secure and reliable connections.

"We attach great importance to the quality of the connections. They should be fast, intuitive and very easy for a user. We experienced some problems with users using other software solutions, but with ISL Online everything went smoothly. I would also like to highlight the security of the connections and the support provided by the ISL Online support team."

The implementation process was completed in record time

ISL Online was directly involved in the implementation process of Norgas' new remote software to ensure compliance with all of the company's security and privacy policies at every moment. In addition, the versatility of the software, which requires no firewall changes and works from any network and location, also contributed greatly to speeding up the implementation process.

"The implementation process and technical support were very fast. In less than a week, the software was up and running and available to all of our users."

The implementation process was completed in record time

One of the key differences between a basic and enterprise software solution is the capacity to manage and monitor support staff. ISL Online allows support coordinators and quality managers to collaborate during any remote session to evaluate the performance of activities performed. In addition, tracking all connections and activities performed during the support session is essential for conducting internal audits.

"We have a user management module that allows us to monitor the performance of our entire team. We also have audit tracking of all connections and transfers made. This is very important as we refer to the archives and data of the Norgas company. Utilizing the Administrative mode feature also provides security, as it can be activated by a remote team without having to share credentials with a user. With ISL Online, we can also provide remote support for the drivers' Android mobile device, which increases the efficiency of our technical support," concludes Andrés.